Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Second Chances

It’s not very often in life we get a second chance at anything. For us veterans, though, we do get a second chance: at college. Whether we have never been at all or we messed up our first try, the GI Bill is there waiting on us to make a move.
If you are on the fence, I am here to tell you to have faith in your ideas and take a chance!

 UNCW has opened so many doors for me.  When I think I have exhausted what the university has to offer I meet someone new or am exposed to a new event.  It seems as though the possibilities here are endless!

I honestly thought that leaving the Marine Corps would be the end of meeting people from different parts of the country.  As it turns out, there are a lot of out of state students that travel to attend UNCW.  Even more, I have met students from Germany, China and France. That’s more than I got from the Marine Corps! And with less stress!
I have been introduced to Rock Climbing, taking trips with the Wakeboard Club, and even dissected a sheep brain in one of my classes! This summer, I will be heading to Greece and Italy for a study abroad opportunity with the Exercise Science department!

The point is, opportunity is everywhere on campus! Each day brings an opportunity to do more than we did yesterday and we should jump at the opportunity!
I am sharing this with you because leaving your branch of service does not have to be the end of doing great things and being awesome! It is the beginning of doing even better, greater things!!!

-Patty Martinez, USMC
Office of Admissions VA Work Study

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