Thursday, September 29, 2011

UNCW ranked #4 Public Master's University

UNC Wilmington has been ranked the number 4 public master's university in the South, according to the 2012 U.S.News & World Report rankings for regional universities. This will make the 14th consecutive year UNCW has been in the top 10 on this elite list. The 2012 ranking records the highest regional ranking ever, a one spot jump from last year.

"This ranking is an honor for our institution," said UNCW Chancellor Gary L. Miller. "It reflects the highest quality learning experiences, which our faculty and staff provide to our students every day. I am proud that UNCW has been able to continue our focus on quality, particularly in the current economic environment, by making the most of our resources through efficiency and innovation."

UNC Wilmington has become the obvious first choice for a growing number of high-achieving high school students. The 2011 entering freshman class came to UNCW from 85 of North Carolina’s 100 counties, 42 states across the nation, and 25 countries around the world.

1) Among all 127 public and private universities in the South that provide a full range of undergraduate and master's level programs, UNCW is ranked number 11, up from its ranking of 13 on last year's list.

2) UNCW is again included on the list of "up-and-coming" master's universities in the South. UNCW is tied for number 3 in the region, placing it in the company of 46 colleges and universities nationally that U.S.News & World Report identified as making the most promising and innovative changes in academics, faculty, student life, campus or facilities.

Friday, September 16, 2011

UNCWe Remember 9/11

Ten years later, the events that occurred on 9/11 are still fresh in our minds and in our hearts. This week, the UNC Wilmington community came together to remember the nearly 3,000 individuals lost in the tragedies.
UNC Wilmington students, staff and faculty join community members and first-responders on the Hoggard lawn to form the twin towers and Pentagon

The group holding up the names of those killed in the attacks

9/11 was a major turning point in the history of our nation.  UNCW sponsored a serious of events to reflect, as well examine the social and political ramifications of one of the worst tragedies in American history. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Carnival is back in Seahawk Country

The Involvement Carnival is a chance for UNC Wilmington students (especially freshmen and transfer students) to see what involvement opportunities exist for them on campus and in the Wilmington community.  This year’s carnival was held on August 31st, from 10am – 2pm at Campus Commons.
This annual tradition features UNC Wilmington departments and student organizations, local businesses, religious organizations and community service agencies that come ready with information about getting involved in each of their unique organizations. 
Many student organizations rely on the Involvement Carnival as a recruitment opportunity since many students passing by the tables often stop and sign up to receive more information about a group.  UNC Wilmington students appreciate learning about the different involvement opportunities, as well as Free Giveaways.  This year, 275 different organizations and more than 5,000 students took part in the Involvement Carnival.    
We would like to give a big thanks to the Campus Activities and Involvement Center for their hard work in planning and executing this amazing program.  A big KUDOS from the Undergraduate Admissions Office for a job well done!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

SAT or ACT...Which one should I take?

I am sure this is a question that most rising juniors and even some seniors are constantly asking themselves.  We, at the UNC Wilmington Undergraduate Admissions Office are happy to finally lay to rest this age-old question troubling high school students across the nation.  Our answer is that we recommend taking whichever of the two standardized tests you feel most comfortable taking.   Not quite the earth shattering answer you were expecting, huh?  The reasoning behind our answer is that the SAT and ACT are structured differently, and therefore how well you do on the SAT or ACT will be based on your own personal areas of strength.  The SAT is an aptitude test while the ACT is an achievement test.  To begin learning more about the differences between the SAT and ACT, we recommend starting with the Kaplan and Princeton Review websites. 

Advice from the UNCW Admission Committee

Take standardized tests at least twice before sending results to colleges. Review all scores and consult with your counselor and college admission offices to discuss the options below for reporting your scores:

• SAT score choice can reduce test-day anxiety by allowing you to choose the SAT scores by test date to send to colleges or universities at no additional cost.

• If you submit all SAT test scores, most universities will select the highest of each section, possibly from different test dates, to create your highest overall score.

• As an alternative to SAT, the ACT with writing exam is offered at various high schools in your area as well as at UNCW. Unlike SAT, admissions offices are unable to choose the highest score from the ACT sub sections from different test dates; they will simply take the highest composite score.

• UNCW encourages SAT score choice. Should your scores fall outside of our average, hold your scores and consider taking the ACT with writing exam. Send in only your highest score from the ACT with writing or submit several SAT scores for us to create your highest overall score.

 What we are looking for...

At UNC Wilmington, we accept both the SAT and the ACT.  The middle 50% of the current incoming class scored between 1130-1250 on the SAT. Please be mindful that this score only reflects the critical reading and math portions of the test.  As for the ACT, we require that students take the ACT with writing.  The middle 50% for the ACT composite score is between 23-28 for the current incoming class. 

UNCW ACT code – 3174
UNCW SAT code – 5907

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Students Welcomed with Convocation

Approximately 2,000 freshmen students were welcomed into their academic career at UNCW with the annual Convocation celebration on Aug. 22.

First gathering on the Campus Commons in the shadow of the Clock Tower, the Class of 2015 proceeded from Chancellor's Walk to the Clock Tower for the unveiling of the class banner. Following the Trek To Trask (Coliseum), students were greeted with comments by Provost Cathy Barlow and Chancellor Gary Miller and a full address by John Fischetti, professor in the Watson School of Education. A welcome picnic with faculty and staff followed on the lawn of Hoggard Hall.

UNCW Students are BACK!

Each year more than 1,700 volunteers dressed in teal helped new students move into their residence halls. Thousands of new UNC Wilmington students and parents are met with cheers and helping hands at this long-standing UNCWelcome Move-In tradition. This year UNCW is welcomed approximately 1,990 freshman to their new home for the fall 2011 semester.

Volunteers from the campus and Wilmington community swarm cars as they pull up to help students carry their belongings into their new homes. UNCW has been featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education and other prominent publications for the unique nature of its Move-In tradition.