Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Festivities in James Hall

An Admissions Holiday Poem......


‘Twas the last week of work for the calendar year

And James Hall was buzzing with holiday cheer 

 Admissions decisions made with caution and care 

UNCW is excited for a new class to be there

The Admissions team was now tired and ready for bed

While visions of winter break danced in their heads

And as things slowed down for the holiday season

The Admissions team was busy for a different reason

Every door was decked out from bottom to top

As you walk down the hall you can’t help but stop

For each had been crafted with creativity and care

Some so detailed you can’t help but stare

Our Director Marcio so lively and quick

Conducted the voting, a winner to pick

Each door scrutinized for style and theme

Anticipation built like an engine with steam

It was time to announce the overall winner

The prize to be a gift card for dinner

The votes were all counted and the winner was clear

Donovan and Abey were the champions this year!

1st Place

2nd Place 
3rd Place 

UNCW Celebrates Graduation of Latino Students

UNCW Centro Hispano recognizes the academic achievement of Latino students who have reached a significant milestone in their lives. Latinos are the largest and fastest growing minority group in the U.S. but still hold the least number of university degrees. A national educational goal is to increase the number of Latino students applying, attending, and completing degrees in higher education. The graduates celebrated at this program are now role models of successful Latinos and are available to the community as examples in conveying the message that “Yes, we can achieve an education and succeed.” 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Universidad de Carolina del Norte celebra graduación de estudiantes Latinos

Centro Hispano de UNC Wilmington reconoce el logro académico de los estudiantes latinos que han alcanzado un hito importante en sus vidas. Los latinos son el grupo minoritario más grande y de más rápido crecimiento en los EE.UU., pero todavía mantienen el menor número de diplomas obtenidos. Un objetivo educativo nacional es aumentar el número de estudiantes latinos que aplican, asisten y completan su carrera universitaria. Estos graduandos  son ahora modelos para otros estudiantes latinos y están a disposición de la comunidad como ejemplos para transmitir el mensaje de que "Sí, podemos lograr una educación y tener éxito.