Thursday, January 28, 2010

SAT & ACT Test Information

For those students that have either been Deferred Admission or are currently applying for admission through the Regular Decision round please take the following testing information into account:
  • The March SAT will be the last SAT that will be considered for all students. If you are taking the March SAT please let our office know your intentions as your scores will arrive to our office around the beginning of April. April 1 is the final notification date and these test scores could delay your admissions decision. Once again, if you plan on taking the March SAT, please inform our office as soon as possible.
  • The February ACT with Writing will be the last ACT test that the UNCW Office of Admissions will be able to consider. The April ACT should only be considered if your are currently a high school junior; these scores will NOT arrive in our office in time to be considered for the Fall 2010 application year.
  • Please check your SeaLevel account to see what test scores UNCW has on your application. If you have taken a standardized test and it is not listed on your SeaLevel account, we do not have it. You will need to contact College Board or ACT to have these scores sent in if you wish for them to be considered.

Regular Decision Deadline

The Regular Decision deadline is almost here!
Students wishing to be considered for admissions for the Fall 2010 must have their application submitted by February 1, 2010!

As long as your actual application with essay and application fee is submitted online, or postmarked before or on February 1, you will be considered for the Regular Decision deadline. All other materials (your transcripts, test scores, and letter of recommendation or counselor statement) may arrive after the deadline. Please remember that your application will not be complete and therefore we will be unable to review it until these materials arrive, so it is helpful if you send them in as soon as possible.