Friday, December 16, 2011

Why UNC Wilmington?

Below you will find a video created by current UNCW students for a Marketing Communications course.  The students reflect on their experiences at UNC Wilmington.  We hope this gives you a sneak peak into our SeaHawk family and an understanding of how we got the nickname UNC Wonderful. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

UNCW Faculty in Action

Elizabeth Irvin is a Spanish professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.  Outside of her responsibility as a faculty member, she also serves as the Director of Cuerpo Sano, Mente Sana.  The program, which began in 2009, provides healthy foods and education on living a healthy lifestyle on a low-income budget.  The program currently serves seven children and their families in the local Wilmington area. 

What makes this program unique is that it provides a weekly bag full of nutritious foods and snacks, while teaching the families how to eat healthier while on a limited income.  Once a month, Professor Irvin and her group of volunteers conduct a session with the 7 families to discuss the topic of nutrition and exercise.  The families leave each session with a homework assignment that will help them become aware of their personal nutrition and how they can make improvements. 

Please visit the following link if you are interested in getting involved or donating to Cuerpo Sano, Mente Sana.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Interested in studying Film Studies at UNCW?

Do you have students who are interested in Film Studies? Wilmington, NC has a growing film industry, and is currently listed as the third largest film production center in the country, following closely behind Hollywood and then New York City. This is thanks to EUE Screen Gems Studios, which has its headquarters in Wilmington and has produced many films in our city over the last 60 years, including A Walk to Remember, The Exorcist III, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Blue Velvet, and televisions series such as One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, and the HBO series Eastbound and Down.

The city of Wilmington, however, is about to host perhaps the most well-known and biggest-budget film in state history. In a very competitive bidding process with areas like Los Angeles, Michigan, New Mexico and Canada, EUE Screen Gems Studios and the NC Film office were selected to host Marvel Studios and their latest installment of the Iron Man Franchise- Iron Man 3!

Iron Man 3 is slated to begin production in 2012, using all of Screen Gems stages and facilities and taking residence in Wilmington from January through October of 2012. According to the governor's office, the film will create 550 new jobs and more than 1,000 talent opportunities, as well as $80 million for the local economy.

To learn more about this exciting new production, please visit this article in the Greater Wilmington Business Journal- 'Iron Man 3' to storm Wilmington next year.

As well, you can learn more about our Film Studies degree and some exciting internship opportunities with EUE Screen Gems Studios by visiting the UNCW Film Studies Department.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wilmington’s Cucalorus Film Festival is back!


November 10th - November 13th

Wilmington’s Cucalorus Film Festival is back! The festival is a showcase of independent and international film drawing artists from around the world and film fans from all over the country. Film, art, and community collide at the Cucalorus Film Festival each year drawing over 10,000 attendees and screening over 150 films from around the world. Cucalorus is the region’s premier cultural event, receiving international praise for high quality programming and Southern hospitality. The Brooks Institute named Cucalorus as one of the top ten film festivals in the United States and MovieMaker Magazine dubbed Cucalorus as one of the Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals.

Kenneth Price, UNCW graduate from 2003 will have his documentary “The Wonder Year” featured at this year’s festival. Kenneth Price holds a BA degree in Film Studies from UNCW and an MFA in Film and Video Production from UNCG. Price had early success as an editor on a handful of films like Ben Fancy's The Calming (Cucalorus 2006), Sadie's Waltz (Cucalorus 2007), and Deconfliction (Cucalorus 2007). As a director, Price's short films The Late Mr. Mokun Williams and First Sunrise both screened at Cucalorus. But Price is probably best known as the buttoned down partner with Jonathan Guggenheim and Cory Howard on the feature films Lightning Salad Moving Picture and Americatown, two crafty DIY comedies based on the comedic stylings of the supercomedy, superduo the Superkiiids. More recently, Price has been directing music videos for a variety of hip hop artists including 9th Wonder, Actual Proof, Skyzoo, Rapsody, and The Away Team. The Wonder Year is Price's first documentary feature.

To get details of this year’s festival please visit their website at

College Planning Timeline ... Senior Year


• Meet with your school counselor to finalize your list of colleges. Be sure your list includes “safety”, “reach” and “target” schools.

• Start a checklist of all application requirements and deadlines.

• If you can demonstrate financial hardship, contact the colleges and your guidance counselor about possible application fee waivers.


• Register for the SAT and/or ACT if you want to take them in November or December.

• If you are going to apply Early Action or Early Decision, be very mindful of the deadline.

• Identify who you would like to write you a letter of recommendation and ask them early. Give your recommender a resume as well.

• Write first drafts of your college essays and ask your parents, teachers and peers to review them for you.


• Make sure your SAT and/or ACT scores will be sent by the testing agency to each one of your colleges.

• Contact your guidance counselor and provide them with the necessary information so they can send out a high school transcript to the schools you are to applying to.

• Get PIN’s for the FAFSA for both yourself and for your parents


• Try to complete all college applications before the winter break.

• Apply for scholarships in time to meet scholarship application deadlines.

• Start gathering documents that you will need to complete the FAFSA.


• Submit your FAFSA as soon as you can. The FAFSA form becomes available January 1st of every year.

• If your grades have improved or you have new accomplishments that were not on your original college application, be sure to inform the schools that you have applied to.


• Register for AP exams

• Plan your last rounds of college visits and Spring Open House

March/ April

• Admission decisions start arriving. Read everything you receive carefully, as some of the information may be time sensitive.

• Revisit colleges that accepted you if it is hard for your to make a choice.

• Do not get senioritis! Colleges want to see strong grades in the second half of your senior year.


• May 1st is the national deadline for high school students to inform colleges on whether or not they plan to attend. If you already know well before this date, let the colleges you do not plan on attending know. You help create space for students that are on the waiting list.

Keep in mind that you do not have to do these steps in the order they are listed. The important thing is that you do them in a timely manner.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Early Action Deadline...Fast Approaching!

Don't forget tomorrow is the deadline for Early Action applications! If you hit submit on your application before midnight tomorrow, you will be considered an Early Action applicant. Supplemental materials such as your high school transcript and letter of recommendation can follow by mail over the next week or so.

Please continue to check the status of your application by logging onto your SeaLevel account. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.


Friday, October 21, 2011

College Planning Timeline ... Junior Year


• Meet with your school counselor to make sure you are taking courses that will make you eligible as well as competitive for the colleges you are planning to attend.

• Push yourself to get the best grades possible this year. The payoff will be more colleges to choose from and a better chance for merit based scholarships.

• Pick up the Official Student Guide to PSAT/MNSQT from your high school’s guidance office and take the practice test.

• Find out if your school or county will have a college night (college fair).


• Attend a college fair.

• Begin looking through college guide books in your guidance counselor’s office. Start a preliminary list of colleges that might interest you.

• Start to learn about financial aid. Use the College Board website to learn how it works, and the financial aid calculator to estimate how much aid you might receive.


• Begin to research scholarships

• If you are planning to major in the arts in college (drama, music, fine art) ask your teachers and guidance counselor about requirements for a portfolio or audition.


• Spend time over the holiday making a list of what kind of college you want to attend. Big or small? Far away or close to home? Make a list of the college features that are important to you.

• Begin preparing for the SAT or ACT, if you have not done so already.


• Meet with your guidance counselor to talk about the colleges in which you are interested, what entrance exam you should take, and when to take them.

• If English is not your primary language, decide when to take the TOEFL test.

• Start thinking about what you want to study in college. Use resources such as your guidance counselor, teachers and family members.

• Register for the SAT/ ACT if you want to take it in March.


• Think about which teachers you will ask to write letters of recommendation.

• If you are in Advanced Placement Programs (AP) courses, register for AP exams that will be given in May.


• Register for the SAT/ ACT if you want to take it in May.

• Narrow your list of colleges to a reasonable number. Explore the colleges Web sites, read the brochures and catalogues.


• Plan courses for your senior year. Make sure you are going to meet the high school course requirements for your top-choice colleges.

• Plan campus visits. It may be best to visit a college campus when classes are in session.

Keep in mind that you do not have to do these steps in the order they are listed. The important thing is that you do them in a timely manner.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Top 10 Websites for College Bound Students

College Board & ACT

You will need to create an account at College Board so you can register for the SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) exams. It is also a great starting point to gather and compare basic data on colleges and universities. Information found on this site includes admission requirements, program offerings, cost and much more.

Students who are planning to take the ACT surely will need to create an account. The site also offers information about planning for college, selecting a major and the financial aid process. The ACT also has a blog by students, at every level- from freshmen in college to juniors in high school.

College Confidential

This site is an online community of Admission Counselors, parents and students. In addition to helpful articles on admission and financial aid, it features various discussion boards where parents and students post questions and Admission Counselors respond to the questions. All you need to do is register and you can join the conversation.

College Prowler

This website provides college reviews for prospective students from current or recent graduates. For each of the more than 7,000 colleges listed, you can learn about everything from the admission process to student life. In addition, this site offers a ballpark assessment of your chances for admission at the schools you are considering.

Common Application

Almost every high school senior is familiar with the so-called “common app.” Over the years, this has become a go-to resource for students considering applying to a variety of colleges and universities across the nation. Students complete one main application and essay that can be submitted to multiple colleges. Keep in mind that some schools have supplementary materials that are unique to that particular school that you will need to complete.


If you think you will need assistance with paying for college, become familiar with the website of the Free Application for Financial Student Aid. The website is administered by the U.S. Department of Education. It is a user-friendly resource that is loaded with a variety of information on how to finance your college education. Most importantly, this is where you complete an application if you want to be eligible for Pell grants, Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans and Parent Plus loans.


If you are hoping for a scholarship, this is a great place to start. After registering, you can custom-search a database of 1.3 million scholarship possibilities based on your own individual qualifications and needs. FastWeb also supplies information on jobs and internship programs, and has an active discussion board as well.


FinAid is a website sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. Some financial aid counselors describe this website as the most comprehensive resource about paying for college. You will find detailed information on different types of loans, scholarships, grants and even military programs. In addition, it has calculators to help estimate the cost of college, calculate expected family contribution, estimate how much you need to borrow.


Any student athlete who dreams of playing at a Division I, II or III school should log onto this site and download the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s guide. This guide will inform you of the rules and regulations that spell out information such as how college coaches can recruit to what SAT or ACT scores a high school athlete must attain. This is also the place where athlete applicants submit a “clearinghouse form” that is used by college coaches for recruitment purposes.


Peterson’s is a great website to find a wealth of information in a single place. You will find data about hundreds of colleges and universities, including criteria for admissions, courses of study and total cost. In addition, the website provides helpful articles on virtually every aspect of the admission process.

The Princeton Review

Even though the Princeton Review is focused on encouraging students to sign up for the company’s test prep program, the site contains a large amount of free content, including articles on applying to schools, choosing a major and finding a study abroad program. One unique feature is the “counselor-o-matic” tool that asks questions about grades, test scores and interests and activities, then spits out a list of “good-fit” schools.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

UNCW ranked #4 Public Master's University

UNC Wilmington has been ranked the number 4 public master's university in the South, according to the 2012 U.S.News & World Report rankings for regional universities. This will make the 14th consecutive year UNCW has been in the top 10 on this elite list. The 2012 ranking records the highest regional ranking ever, a one spot jump from last year.

"This ranking is an honor for our institution," said UNCW Chancellor Gary L. Miller. "It reflects the highest quality learning experiences, which our faculty and staff provide to our students every day. I am proud that UNCW has been able to continue our focus on quality, particularly in the current economic environment, by making the most of our resources through efficiency and innovation."

UNC Wilmington has become the obvious first choice for a growing number of high-achieving high school students. The 2011 entering freshman class came to UNCW from 85 of North Carolina’s 100 counties, 42 states across the nation, and 25 countries around the world.

1) Among all 127 public and private universities in the South that provide a full range of undergraduate and master's level programs, UNCW is ranked number 11, up from its ranking of 13 on last year's list.

2) UNCW is again included on the list of "up-and-coming" master's universities in the South. UNCW is tied for number 3 in the region, placing it in the company of 46 colleges and universities nationally that U.S.News & World Report identified as making the most promising and innovative changes in academics, faculty, student life, campus or facilities.

Friday, September 16, 2011

UNCWe Remember 9/11

Ten years later, the events that occurred on 9/11 are still fresh in our minds and in our hearts. This week, the UNC Wilmington community came together to remember the nearly 3,000 individuals lost in the tragedies.
UNC Wilmington students, staff and faculty join community members and first-responders on the Hoggard lawn to form the twin towers and Pentagon

The group holding up the names of those killed in the attacks

9/11 was a major turning point in the history of our nation.  UNCW sponsored a serious of events to reflect, as well examine the social and political ramifications of one of the worst tragedies in American history. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Carnival is back in Seahawk Country

The Involvement Carnival is a chance for UNC Wilmington students (especially freshmen and transfer students) to see what involvement opportunities exist for them on campus and in the Wilmington community.  This year’s carnival was held on August 31st, from 10am – 2pm at Campus Commons.
This annual tradition features UNC Wilmington departments and student organizations, local businesses, religious organizations and community service agencies that come ready with information about getting involved in each of their unique organizations. 
Many student organizations rely on the Involvement Carnival as a recruitment opportunity since many students passing by the tables often stop and sign up to receive more information about a group.  UNC Wilmington students appreciate learning about the different involvement opportunities, as well as Free Giveaways.  This year, 275 different organizations and more than 5,000 students took part in the Involvement Carnival.    
We would like to give a big thanks to the Campus Activities and Involvement Center for their hard work in planning and executing this amazing program.  A big KUDOS from the Undergraduate Admissions Office for a job well done!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

SAT or ACT...Which one should I take?

I am sure this is a question that most rising juniors and even some seniors are constantly asking themselves.  We, at the UNC Wilmington Undergraduate Admissions Office are happy to finally lay to rest this age-old question troubling high school students across the nation.  Our answer is that we recommend taking whichever of the two standardized tests you feel most comfortable taking.   Not quite the earth shattering answer you were expecting, huh?  The reasoning behind our answer is that the SAT and ACT are structured differently, and therefore how well you do on the SAT or ACT will be based on your own personal areas of strength.  The SAT is an aptitude test while the ACT is an achievement test.  To begin learning more about the differences between the SAT and ACT, we recommend starting with the Kaplan and Princeton Review websites. 

Advice from the UNCW Admission Committee

Take standardized tests at least twice before sending results to colleges. Review all scores and consult with your counselor and college admission offices to discuss the options below for reporting your scores:

• SAT score choice can reduce test-day anxiety by allowing you to choose the SAT scores by test date to send to colleges or universities at no additional cost.

• If you submit all SAT test scores, most universities will select the highest of each section, possibly from different test dates, to create your highest overall score.

• As an alternative to SAT, the ACT with writing exam is offered at various high schools in your area as well as at UNCW. Unlike SAT, admissions offices are unable to choose the highest score from the ACT sub sections from different test dates; they will simply take the highest composite score.

• UNCW encourages SAT score choice. Should your scores fall outside of our average, hold your scores and consider taking the ACT with writing exam. Send in only your highest score from the ACT with writing or submit several SAT scores for us to create your highest overall score.

 What we are looking for...

At UNC Wilmington, we accept both the SAT and the ACT.  The middle 50% of the current incoming class scored between 1130-1250 on the SAT. Please be mindful that this score only reflects the critical reading and math portions of the test.  As for the ACT, we require that students take the ACT with writing.  The middle 50% for the ACT composite score is between 23-28 for the current incoming class. 

UNCW ACT code – 3174
UNCW SAT code – 5907

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Students Welcomed with Convocation

Approximately 2,000 freshmen students were welcomed into their academic career at UNCW with the annual Convocation celebration on Aug. 22.

First gathering on the Campus Commons in the shadow of the Clock Tower, the Class of 2015 proceeded from Chancellor's Walk to the Clock Tower for the unveiling of the class banner. Following the Trek To Trask (Coliseum), students were greeted with comments by Provost Cathy Barlow and Chancellor Gary Miller and a full address by John Fischetti, professor in the Watson School of Education. A welcome picnic with faculty and staff followed on the lawn of Hoggard Hall.

UNCW Students are BACK!

Each year more than 1,700 volunteers dressed in teal helped new students move into their residence halls. Thousands of new UNC Wilmington students and parents are met with cheers and helping hands at this long-standing UNCWelcome Move-In tradition. This year UNCW is welcomed approximately 1,990 freshman to their new home for the fall 2011 semester.

Volunteers from the campus and Wilmington community swarm cars as they pull up to help students carry their belongings into their new homes. UNCW has been featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education and other prominent publications for the unique nature of its Move-In tradition.

Friday, August 5, 2011

ACT with Writing: Register NOW!

The next available ACT with writing test date will be September 10, 2011.  If you are interested in taking the test you must register by August 12, 2011.  Please head to the ACT website to register and receive more information about test prep.  UNCW requires that all students who submit the ACT take the writing portion.  Currently the average ACT with writing composite score is a 25 for the middle 50% of admitted students. 


UNCW students Chris Bowen (junior) and Catie Manns (senior) partnered together to provide UNCW's ECOteal store with painted bicycles and skateboard decks.  The two have added custom details to more than 30 new bicycles ordered by incoming students from the eco-friendly store.

ECOteal is UNCW's environmentally friendly retail store.  It was launched in an effort to offer students, faculty and staff a convenient, safe place to purchase transportation-related items, bicycle and skateboard repair services and sustainable products.  ECOteal is the first of its kind in the UNC system.  For more information please visit their website.

Friday, June 10, 2011

UNCW receives recognition on the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

UNCW students and their dedication to helping the community have not gone unrecognized.  UNCW was recently recognized again in the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, this year receiving the accolade of "Honor with Distinction!"

"Our faculty and staff purposefully incorporate service learning and community service activities into all aspects of the UNCW learning experience," Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo said. "We want our students to become active citizens who care about and contribute to the world they will one day lead."

Last year more than 7,000 students committed to 70,625 hours of community service through volunteer work and service learning, culminating in over $1 million in economic value.  UNCW students have helped to place UNCW on this prestigious Honor Roll every year since its inception in 2006.

Click on the article below to learn more!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seaweed Ultimate Frisbee Team Places Fifth in National Championship

The UNCW Seaweed Women's Ultimate Frisbee team is now ranked fifth in the nation after competing at the USA Ultimate College National Championships in Boulder, Colorado.  Seaweed took fifth place among some of the best competitors in the country, such as UNC Chapel Hill and Stanford University.

Congratulations to the Seaweed Women's Ultimate Frisbee team for another excellent season!

Friday, June 3, 2011

UNCW R/V Cape Fear helps to raise 3,000-pound anchor from the Queen Anne's Revenge

After a news conference was held just two weeks ago announcing the expedition, officials from the Queen Anne's Revenge Project, in collaboration with UNCW and Cape Fear Community College, celebrated as they raised a 3,000-pound anchor from the site of the famous shipwreck.  UNCW's R/V Cape Fear and the CFCC R/V Dan Moore aided in the salvage, providing support for project divers and aiding in the lifting and transport of the artifact.

The recovery of the artifact is a historical occasion, as the anchor is another piece to add to a list of over 250,000 artifacts recovered from the ship.  This will not only shed more light on Blackbeard and his infamous legacy but provide a wealth of information on 18th century maritime culture, as well as the culture of piracy.

Congratulations to the staff of the Queen Anne's Revenge Project and the crews of the R/V's Cape Fear and Dan Moore for their success during this historical expedition!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

UNCW grads in action: The Fuzzy Peach

A self-serve frozen yogurt bar with a unique name is boasting success for three recent UNCW graduates.  The Fuzzy Peach, with its original location several blocks away from campus, has become so popular among locals that its owners have now opened two other locations in Porters Neck and Downtown Wilmington.  A fourth location is on the way in Monkey Junction as well, and they recently began to advertise franchise opportunities on their website! 

Check out the articles below to learn more about the success of these UNCW grads!

WWAY article on the Fuzzy Peach

WWAY News Video- Fuzzy Peach

Fuzzy Peach Website

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Seaweed, Headed to Boulder, CO!

Congratulations are in order for the UNCW's Ultimate Frisbee women's club team.  The Seaweed are headed for the USA Ultimate College National Championships in Boulder, CO, May 27-29. 

The Seaweed defeated their rival UNC Chapel Hill to win the Atlantic Coast Regional Championships for the third consecutive year in April.  This win helped secure their spot in Boulder.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Conference at CMS reveals plans for new expedition to the Queen Anne's Revenge

A news conference was held this morning detailing plans for a new expedition to the site of the Queen Anne's Revenge. The ship, once captained by the infamous pirate Blackbeard, ran aground off North Carolina shores near Beaufort in June 1718. 

Since the discovery of the Queen Anne's Revenge in 1996, the UNCW R/V Cape Fear and the and the R/V Dan Moore of Cape Fear Community College have worked in a joint partnership with the N.C Department of Cultural Resources on many expeditions to the site. The two research vessels have aided in recovery of tens of thousands of artifacts from the sunken ship, helping to shed light on many aspects of eighteenth-century maritime culture and the culture of piracy.

Qar David Moore Working - Nc Dept. Of Cultural Resources Photo By Julep Gillman

The news conference, which was held at the UNCW Center for Marine Science, laid plans for the recovery of a large artifact from the ship, possibly a cannon.  The conference also provided attendees with information on the types of equipment used during a recovery expedition, and outlined the how individuals from both UNCW and Cape Fear Community College aid in the recovery efforts.  The expedition will take place this month from May 23rd-27th.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Commencement 2011!

A record number of UNCW students will graduate and "soar" on to the rest of their lives this weekend at Trask Coliseum.  UNCW's Commencement ceremonies begin at 2:00 pm today, with an incredible estimate of 1800 undergraduate students and 285 graduate students receiving degrees in their field of study!

The ceremonies are scheduled as follows:

-2:00 pm, May 13th- Cameron School of Business
-5:30 pm, May 13th- Watson School of Education and the College of Health and Human Services

-9:30 am, May 14th- Sciences, Humanities and Graduate Liberal Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences
-1:00 pm, May 14th- Creative Arts and Social Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences

Congratulations to the graduating Seahawks of the Class of 2011!

UNCW Commencement 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Do you know who PHIL is?  You will once you become a UNCW student!  PHIL is the face of philanthropy at UNCW.  For us, he represents thousand of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and hardworking students that give back to UNCW each year. 

The Office of Annual Giving developed the "Get to know PHIL" campaign as a way to raise awareness among our campus community about the importance of university support, and the resources that are now available as a direct result of our generous family of donors. 

Learn more about PHIL and what he represents to UNCW... and learn how you can leave your mark on the UNCW campus too.

Wilmington's 19th Annual Greek Festival

Our UNCW neighbors at the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church are hosting the 19th annual Greek Festival this weekend.  The Wilmington community comes out to celebrate with food, music and dancing, all while learning more about the Greek culture.  Each year thousands of community members come out to support this local festival.

Friday, May 6, 2011

UNCW Names a New Chancellor, Gary Miller

Gary L. Miller, provost and vice president for academic affairs and research at Wichita State University, has been elected the new chancellor of UNC Wilmington.  The Board of Governors held a special meeting on May 3rd to make the announcement with UNC President Tom Ross on the UNCW campus.  Miller will assume his new duties no later than July 1, succeeding Rosemary DePaolo, who will be retiring from UNCW after eight years of service.

Please visit the UNCW website to learn more about our new leader.  If you are interested in reading the Chancellor-elects acceptance speech please visit the Chancellor Search website.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Westside Hall Renamed to Honor Retiring Chancellor DePaolo

After eight years of service to UNC Wilmington, Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo will be retiring on June 30th.  During her time at UNCW, Dr. DePaolo has made many lasting impressions that the students, faculty and staff will remember, and our new chancellor will inherit.  Some highlights of her tenure include:
  • Exceeding goals set for student graduation rates, student-faculty ratio, campus diversity, international enrollment and study abroad participation, and research and development grant funding
  • Building new on-campus student housing increasing the number of students who live on campus to almost 40 percent of the student body
  • More than doubling UNCW's endowment
  • To see more accomplishments click here
Last week the Board of Trustees of UNCW announced the naming of DePaolo Hall in honor of Chancellor DePaolo.  This building is focused on providing student services and it is only fitting that this be named in her honor because of her personal commitment to providing students with the highest quality education at the lowest possible cost.  This surprise announcement came during a campus gathering to thank Dr. DePaolo for her contributions to the university as the spring semester comes to a close.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Admitted to UNCW... Sign up for Orientation!

UNCW orientation is an exciting time for our new students and families. You will learn what you need to know to make a successful academic and personal adjustment to UNCW. Class registration, placement testing, and information about services provided to students are integral parts of learning about a new place and a new experience. Orientation is also a time for you to become more familiar with the campus and what we have to offer. You will also meet some of your future classmates, friends, and faculty. Additionally, an orientation leader will assist you in finding your way around campus and meeting new people.

Have more questions about Orientation at UNCW, check out the FAQ's.  Want to know when Orientation is offered?  Find the schedule here! Registration is now open online... SIGN UP TODAY!

One day, THREE conference title wins for Seahawks

This weekend was a historic weekend at UNC Wilmington.  For the first time in school history, the men and women won Colonial Athletic Association championships in the same year for golf.  A few hours later our men's tennis team also upset the top-seeded VCU Rams to win another CAA Conference title.

The UNCW men's golf team entered the tournament with a to 50 national ranking.  This win was their first since 2005 and will now land them a spot in the NCAA Regional next month.  The women's golf team entered the tournament a bit behind the men ranked only 117 in the Golfweek rankings, but third in the CAA.  This win was unexpected for them, but still well deserved.  This was the first women's CAA Conference title since 2008.

A few hours after after the excitement on the golf course, the attention quickly turned to the tennis courts.  UNCW's men's tennis team won a dramatic 4-3 victory over Virginia Commonwealth.  This victory will send UNCW to the NCAA tournament on May 3.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Hawk It Out" competition dances on another year

Some very talented UNCW students competed in a student organized dance competition known as "Hawk It Out," last Friday, April 8th.  In its 4th year, the annual competition and UNCW tradition was again a wildly successful event.  Held in a similar competition format to the TV show "So you think you can dance?," the event showcased some excellent Seahawk talent, as many different dance styles were represented.  Nine top finalists competed for a chance at $1,000 worth of prizes!

Check out the video to see the top finalists! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surf Team WINS East Coast Championship

UNC Wilmington's nationally-ranked surf team took home the first place title for the third consecutive year at the 2011 National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) East Coast Championships held in New Smyrna Beach, Fla. April 7-10, 2011.

UNCW competed against teams from the University of North Florida, Flagler, Florida Institute of Technology, University of Central Florida, Daytona State College, University of Florida, University of Central Florida, Stetson and Florida State University. The competition was scored by individual surfers who gained points toward the team score as they advanced through each heat. The top three surfers moved forward to the next heat, with first place gaining six points, second place earning five points and third place awarded four points. Five members of the UNCW Surf Team made it to the finals, two short boarders, one long boarder and both female competitors. Long boarder Drake Courie placed first overall in the college long board division.
The team will now travel to Salt Creek, Calif. June 16-18 to compete in the 2011 NSSA National Championships.

Monday, April 11, 2011

UNCW's 2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalogue now ONLINE!

UNCW's Undergraduate Catalogue serves as a guide for everything UNCW!  It includes the University calendar, information about scholarships and financial aid, academic policies and a list of all of the classes offered at UNCW.

As a new UNCW student, this catalogue and your academic advisor will be tow of your best sources of information at UNCW! Save this website as a favorite:

Summer School at UNCW

Interested in attending UNCW the summer before your First Year...
Email the UNCW Admissions Office at with your full name, date of birth and your interest in Summer School and we can make it happen!

First Year students can start at UNCW as early as Summer Session II which begins on June 29th.  All students must attend an Orientation prior to attending classes at UNCW.  Please make sure that you have signed up for an early Orientation session; this is where you will sign up for your Summer and Fall classes.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Students Tweet Encouragement to Help Loved Ones Quit Smoking

A recent statewide competition known as the "Tweets for your Sweet" campaign found its top prizes awarded to three UNCW students! Held by the N.C. Tobacco-Free College Initiative, the competition asked students to submit simple and creative messages via Twitter that they would send to loved ones to help them quit smoking.  UNCW held the highest student response rate of all colleges and universities that participated, helping to make an impact in promoting the cessation of smoking among college students.

Click on the link below to see the winning messages and learn more about how UNCW students got involved in this fantastic outreach program!

Friday, March 25, 2011

VISIONS Film Festival and Conference to Showcase Undergraduate Work and Talent

UNC Wilmington is hosting the first-ever Visions Film Festival and Conference on Friday, April 1st.  The Festival is the first international film festival to celebrate the work and talent of undergraduate students, and the first festival to be designed by undergraduates as well!  Student filmmakers and scholars from all over the world will attend, celebrating the work they have created as well as having an incredible opportunity to participate in a wealth of scholarly presentations on the film industry.

A keynote address will be given by Filmmaker Isaiah "Izzy" Powers, co-director of the award winning animation "Dried Up,"  starting at 9 a.m.  The event is free and open to the public, and will take place on campus in the Lumina Theater.

Click on the link below to learn more about the event, including the film line-up and list of presentations!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 First Year Admissions Decisions

After reading more than 11,000 applications from students all over North Carolina, the United States and a variety of Countries... admissions decision are on their way out! The posted notification date for UNCW's Regular Decision Deadline is April 1, 2010 so students should be hearing back if they haven't already. If you received a Defer decision in the Early Action round, your final admissions decision will be included in this group of admissions decisions as well.  Once you receive your admissions decision we encourage you to head to the Admitted? Whats Next? website to learn more!

Please log in to your SeaLevel account to see if you are missing any items to make your UNCW application complete.  If your application is incomplete we will be unable to review your application.  Please make sure you send in all missing items as soon as possible.

If you have questions regarding your admissions decision, feel free to email our office at and we will be more than happy to explain more about our process this year.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ACE Big Spring Show!

Each year ACE, the Association for Campus Entertainment at UNCW, hosts a spring concert for our students.  This year the show will be B.o.B. featuring Playboy Tre and DJ Jason Smith!

The big show will be on April 1, 2011 in UNCW's Trask Colesium.  B.o.B. has had several top singles from 2010... "Nothin' on You," "Airplanes," and "Magic," and our students are excited to see this Grammy Nominated artist on campus.  Tickets can be purchased on campus in UNCW's Sharky's Game Room or online at .

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

UNCW's Spring Break

March 14-18 is UNCW's Spring Break for students... but the Office of Admissions will still be OPEN!  We will be offering campus tours during this week on our normal schedule and you can find more information on our Visit UNCW website.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Juniors Registration OPEN!

Registration for the TWO Just Juniors programs opend up yesterday and we are excited to see students signing up to visit!  You can login to your SeaLevel account to register your family and receive more information about the program; remember space is limited so make plans soon!

Just Juniors will take place on April 8th and again on April 29th from 1:00 p.m. until 3:45 p.m. in the Burney Center Ballroom. We will offer an optional Financial Aid session beginning at 12:30pm before the formal program. The afternoon will consist of the following components: an admissions panel, information sessions on University College and our various Academic Colleges, and a tour of the campus. There will also be an optional tour of one of our residence halls from 3:45 pm until 4:30 pm.

We look forward to your visit!