Friday, June 3, 2011

UNCW R/V Cape Fear helps to raise 3,000-pound anchor from the Queen Anne's Revenge

After a news conference was held just two weeks ago announcing the expedition, officials from the Queen Anne's Revenge Project, in collaboration with UNCW and Cape Fear Community College, celebrated as they raised a 3,000-pound anchor from the site of the famous shipwreck.  UNCW's R/V Cape Fear and the CFCC R/V Dan Moore aided in the salvage, providing support for project divers and aiding in the lifting and transport of the artifact.

The recovery of the artifact is a historical occasion, as the anchor is another piece to add to a list of over 250,000 artifacts recovered from the ship.  This will not only shed more light on Blackbeard and his infamous legacy but provide a wealth of information on 18th century maritime culture, as well as the culture of piracy.

Congratulations to the staff of the Queen Anne's Revenge Project and the crews of the R/V's Cape Fear and Dan Moore for their success during this historical expedition!

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