Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Your Transfer Application: The 411

Applying to UNCW is a big a deal and it can be a little discouraging to sit around waiting for that decision letter to come in the mail.
It’s been a few weeks and you’re getting anxious!
I know! Trust me; I was in the same boat too! I had to get accepted if life was going to continue the way I needed it to! A little dramatic, I know, but you start to envision your future and it’s heartbreaking when you consider the delay is probably because you aren’t getting in!
But fear not!
The neat thing about being a VA Work Study and working in the Office of Admissions at James Hall is that I am in the hidden scenes of the Admissions process. And I get to share it with you!

Here’s what is happening at the Admissions Office once you click Submit in your SeaLevel account:
-          Transcripts: many transcripts are delivered to the office daily. Each one is opened and individually scanned to create your electronic file. Once every single transcript is scanned it must be electronically linked to the corresponding person’s application.

 Complete Applications: once all of your credentials have been received and linked to your application, your application becomes complete and ready to be reviewed!
-          Admissions Counselors: The awesome counselors here in the Office of Admissions read every single application, every single essay and every part of your transcripts and credentials. Imagine reading over 3500 applications over a period of a few months! There ought to be an Admissions Counselor Appreciation Day!
-          Letters: Once your application has been thoroughly read, a decision is made and the decision letters are generated and sent.
My name is Patty Martinez, and that’s your 411.