Friday, November 22, 2013

Finals are right around the corner....

Finals: the one word that just instantly brings stress to my mind, and the only thing that is on my mind at the moment. Thanksgiving is next week and the week after- finals. I usually fly to New York for the big meal but this year, because finals follow so closely behind, I decided it would be in my best interest to stay until after finals concluded. As it gets closer to Thanksgiving, I am so relieved I am not going through the hassle of flying home, three days later flying back, and then a week later flying back home. I have two take home essays and three actual exams. I have faith in myself that they will fly by and I’ll be enjoying the holiday vacation with my family before I know it. It’s amazing to think that this semester is two weeks away from being over. It seems to me that it was just yesterday I started my new classes. Now don’t get me wrong, the schoolwork in general becomes tiring at this point in the semester, but being a Junior I do not want to rush what is left of my college experience, especially here in this beautiful place.
            I’m looking forward to spending the Thanksgiving break with my friends and enjoying a nice small break that will give me a chance to mentally prepare myself for finals. We plan on having a “friends-giving.” This will be the first Thanksgiving I will not spend with my family, but to be completely honest- I love change and I’m looking forward to cooking my own meal as that will definitely be an experience. Hopefully it all turns out to be edible.

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