Friday, October 11, 2013


This is updated information for those students who have applied to UNCW using the Common Application:

We have not been able to download the applications received through the Common App, and are aware that the organization is working to remedy the issues. Any student experiencing these issues will still be evaluated during the Early Action period, if requested, and will not be penalized.

Concerning applications successfully submitted, at this time, some schools, including UNCW, are unable to download the applications so we are unable to confirm receipt.

Other issues have surfaced as well, regarding submission of transcripts and recommendation letters, so be aware of problems in those areas.

For those students who have received a confirmation from Common App that your application was submitted, we request that the student not re-submit an application through any other UNCW application. If however, the student has not applied through any method, two other applications are available.

We are hopeful that the Common App will be able to resolve these issues quickly.

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