Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'd Rather _____ Than Write a College App Essay

How would you fill in the blank above?

  • Have a root canal
  • Eat dirt
  • Stick needles in my eyes
  • Do anything else

It's hard, we know. Maybe not for everyone, but for most.

Even though it's difficult and challenging, it can also be very rewarding once completed.

It is also time well spent. Why? Because a strong, polished essay could set you apart from another applicant. Good writing skills will always be important. Grammar and composition count. More importantly, it gives the admissions committee the chance to hear what you have to say, and how you say it, which is unique to you.

You may have already read all the tips about writing a good essay; they are easy to find out there on the web.  We offer a few of our own on our Admissions website.  The essay prompts are available as well.

And if you have any questions, we are always here to help!  Feel free to contact us any time at or 910-962-3243.

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