Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's Cooking?

After eating amazing food from the holidays and winter break with my dad’s superb chef skills, I’m a little sad to see my rather empty refrigerator here at school. It might be the laziness that occurs after going from class, to yoga, homework and finally some night classes to end my day, but the fire alarm happens to go off every time I cook. To be completely honest I’m not all that concerned about this issue for myself but for my future family. I currently live off of English muffins, Greek yogurt, and bananas. I hear kids are picky eaters…
            My sister thought it would be best to send me a crock-pot! It was probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my cooking career. I use it frequently. I’ve made chili, chicken soup, potato soup, minestrone, and a thanksgiving dish. However, I am one person. So making this massive pot of soup, or anything really, means I will be living off of that for the week.
            I will never take a home cooked meal, prepared and served by my parents, for granted ever again, especially the variety that comes with it. Luckily, UNCW Wilmington offers a plethora of amazing food options. Gathering up a group of friends to go get some food isn’t hard! Let’s be honest - everyone loves food and some good laughs.

Check out the many dining options UNCW has to offer: Campus Dining Locations and Menus

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