Friday, June 20, 2014

Bookstore Scholarship Winner!

Short answer contest winner Jaron Douglas receiving his
$100 UNCW Bookstore Scholarship from
admission coordinator  LaTasha Jones 

Jaron Douglas, an incoming freshman for Fall 2014, recently won a scholarship to the UNCW Bookstore worth $100!  Jaron's answer was the winner to the application short essay question of "Why Do You Want to Attend UNCW?"  He was awarded the scholarship during the spring visit day for admitted students, "Dare to Soar," held April 5.

Jaron is from Lumberton, North Carolina, and graduated from Lumberton High School on June 1.  We interviewed him to find out more about about this dynamic young man.

UNCW: When and how did you first discover UNCW?
Jaron:  Around age 16, during high school, I heard different students talking about UNCW, so it created my interest in learning more.

UNCW: When did you first visit the campus?
Jaron:  This past September, during my senior year.

UNCW:  How did you feel when you were notified that you won?
Jaron:  I was a little confused at first, since I didn't know about the contest and wasn't sure what I won, but then very excited when I found out!

UNCW:  What are your favorite academic subjects?
Jaron:  I like science a lot, especially biology. I'm also interested in chemistry, but mostly biology. And history, specifically World War II. It's interesting how different countries came together, how Germany got so far and then it came crashing down.

UNCW: What are your interests and hobbies?
Jaron:  Playing soccer and swimming.  My favorite soccer team is USA, of course!  And Spain. I was part of the swim team during my junior year, and now for the first time this summer, I'm a lifeguard at a community pool.

UNCW: Do you have any career areas you're thinking of exploring?
Jaron:  Biology since I've always wanted to be a doctor.  My family doctor has been a role model since he comes from the same family background that I do, with many challenges. He's an inspiration; I've job shadowed with him and done some volunteer work. He's a great doctor.

UNCW: Do you have a desire to study abroad?
Jaron:  Yes, in Germany, because of my interest in World War II. It sounds like an interesting place and I'm drawn to the entire culture.

UNCW: What organizations do you think you might like to join at UNCW?
Jaron: Club sports like soccer, Student Ambassadors, and maybe a fraternity.

UNCW: What are you most looking forward to about being a Seahawk?
Jaron:  Being a part of the UNCW atmosphere!  I got a strong sense of that at Orientation. The students are positive, friendly and upbeat -- it brings people out of their shell and makes you want to be involved and engaged.  It's a great place to grow.  And Wilmington is not just a college town, but also a beach town.  UNCW is the best college in North Carolina and has the most beautiful campus!

* * *

Congratulations Jaron!  We are looking forward to you joining the UNCW campus community in August!

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