Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Early Action Decisions

The UNCW Office of Admissions has been busy reading Early Action applications and making decisions. Some students have begun to receive admissions but we have many more to continue to send out. Please keep in mind that if you have not received your admissions decision, and your application is complete and ready for review, you will receive your admissions decision on or around January 20th by US Mail. Please log onto your SeaLevel account to check the status of your application.

If you have received a letter admit to UNCW, congratulations! You should have received a Teal Ticket in your admission packet that will help outline the steps you should be taking next. You might also find the Admitted Student? What Next? website helpful.

If you have received a letter of deferral from UNCW, we have given you an opportunity to have the admissions committee reevaluate your application. We will be considering any new test scores or transcript updates that you send in. We will mail a final decision notification letter no later than April 1, 2010. We encourage you to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions sheet that was enclosed in your letter from UNCW.

If you have received a letter of rejection from UNCW, unfortunately your application did not quite meet all of the criteria the admissions committee set forth for the entering class of 2010. Once an admissions decision has been made, it is final and students do not have the ability to reapply in the Regular Decision round. If you still find UNCW as one of your top choices we encourage you to explore the transfer process a year from now after you have gained educational experience at another institution. Please visit the Transfer Admissions website for more information.

If you still have any lingering questions once you have reviewed ALL of the information in your packet from UNCW, then we welcome your phone calls and emails. Our contact information can be found here.

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