Monday, August 10, 2009

ONE simple question...

We want to know why. Why UNCW?
Why do you have a passion for science or business?
Why education; what teacher inspired you?
How do you know that the UNC Wilmington campus is the home you crave for the next four years of your life?

The admission counselors at UNCW want to know who you are, and why you have found your fit with our University. We read over 10,000 applications during any given application season, and the admissions essay is our one way to learn more about you, your passions, and your goals. Spend more time on your admissions essay for UNCW than you do cleaning your room or doing laundry; this is important. A well written admissions essay can help bump you into the incoming freshman class, but a poorly written essay filled with errors can bump you out. Take your time, find a teacher or parent to review and help edit your essay.

Be confident in your writing… we’re waiting; ready to read.

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